About Us

In a fast-paced changing world, one thing is certain, Viotec is one of the most comprehensive high-quality security system manufacturers in the World, with a legacy of only 7 years but a list of delivered projects, satisfied customers, and partners unrivalled by most manufacturers. Viotec positions itself as a leading security manufacturer in today’s market.

Viotec, an Adkinns Inc. company as of late, has been moving from one achievement to the next, having recently completed its security offering by adding to its already extensive range of IP surveillance products, the latest in access control and intrusion detection technologies and products. Viotec, aims at customer satisfaction by ensuring that its products are of the highest quality order which simply means they do what they were intended to do and to put the icing on the cake, the word integration has been given a new meaning when said by Viotec, integration between Viotec security systems, integration with 3rd party systems or even integration with other Adkinns products, Viotec has it all.

Viotec has been keen to keep up with the latest market trends in IoT advanced environments or explosion-proof harsh environments intending to keep developing its product portfolio to include new and improved products over the coming few years to guarantee it remains the choice of security professionals all around the world. The introduction of new systems, series and technologies constantly ensure Viotec is in the lead when it comes to technology.


    We aim to make cutting-edge security technology accessible to all customers continuously and consistently.


    We aspire to be the best security manufacturer in the world through high quality, technologically advanced products, and exceptional customer satisfaction.


    We believe that at Viotec, our greatest asset is our team of professionals, ranging from our R&D team to our production team who assure our products are flawless, meeting and exceeding every customers’ expectations.

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